Provide a higher level of assurance when providing the right lighting fixtures, controllers, and accessories sometimes present even the largest supplier with a quest of epic proportions. Designers are always looking for very specific items to fit these exact dimensions, consume this much energy, or radiate this much light in just these colors. With so many products, specifications, and manufacturers to choose from, one supplier can’t possibly stock every item a design specifies. for lighting supply & related services are strategy is different. We carry our own brand of lighting and stock many of the most common lighting products, but sourcing is where our lighting service truly shines. We view lighting supply as being like a good search engine. If we don’t have it on hand, we search the world over to find just the right product for just the right fit. We provide fixtures, fittings, controllers, and related supplies for hotels, condominiums. community parks, businesses, commercial properties, street lighting, malls, and any other venue that requires a lighting solution.